The Southeastern Association for Community College Research (SACCR) seeks sponsors who will be active participants and collaborators with our organization, both during our annual conference as well as throughout the year. We are seeking organizations that are actively involved with community college research through provisions of consultative services, software applications, or other products. Sponsors’ contributions will be used to build upon our annual conference budget and to provide a greater variety of resources to our membership throughout the year.

In recognition of their contributions, ALL sponsors will be featured in all conference publications and promotional materials as well as the conference program. Sponsors at all levels will be allowed to display and distribute materials as well as be formally recognized at the conference

Web Sponsor


Web Sponsor Application

A Web Sponsor can have their company or organization’s logo placed on the SACCR website, along with a link to their website for the fiscal year (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021). If a Conference Participating, Contributing, or Support Sponsor wishes to add their logo and website link to the SACCR website, they may do so for a reduced cost.

Conference Participating Sponsor


The contribution from a Conference Participating Sponsor will be applied to a specific conference event and the sponsor will be recognized as the outside sponsor for that event (such as the opening reception or a special event). Participating Sponsors will have the opportunity to present at a conference session on a topic relevant to the conference theme. Conference Participating Sponsors are encouraged to participate fully in the professional and social activities of the conference. (For a participating sponsor, one registration will be free and the sponsor will pay for additional company registrants who may wish to attend SACCR.)

Conference Contributing Sponsor


The contribution from a Contributing Sponsor will be applied toward a specific conference enhancement. These enhancements include refreshment breaks, lunches, breakfasts, etc.  The Sponsor can select the enhancement they wish to support, or the SACCR Board will select the enhancement where funding is most needed. All sponsors will be recognized for their contribution.

Conference Support Sponsor             

A Conference Support Sponsor can choose to provide special support for the annual conference to fund at cost. For 2019, the following support categories are available:

  • Break Sponsor – $1,000 which assists in supporting conference breaks for participants.

  • Promotional Sponsor – $1,200 which purchases promotional items such and or gifts for conference participants and includes the company or organization name/logo on the item(s).

  • Conference Bags – $800 which purchases conference bags for the participants and includes the company or organization name/logo on the bag.

  • SACCR Member T-Shirts – $500 which purchases shirts for conference participants.

become a Conference Sponsor