Conference Presentations

46th Annual Conference Presentations

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Sunday, February 25,

Learning from SACSCOC Peer Evaluators: Commonly Cited Issues with Outcomes Assessment
Dr. Alexei Matveev, SACSCOC

Monday, February 26,

Who U Talking To?
Robert Keown, GVTC

Realizing the DREAM: Utilizing data to design a reporting template that celebrates and improves programs in meeting specific student success benchmarks
Dr. Kimberly Lee, Ms. Daa’iyah Salaam, Albany Technical College

Strategic Planning, Implementation, Monitoring, and Reporting
Dr. Carlos Viera, Miami Dade College

Changes to the Principles of Accreditation
Dr. Michael Johnson, Vice President-Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (Retired)

Instructional Data Analytics: A Professional Development Certificate to Increase Data Awareness and Usage among Faculty
Mr. Sam Lester, Ms. Bonnie Quinn, Central Georgia Technical College

Benchmarking Data that You Can Use for Accreditation
Ms. Michelle Taylor, National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute

The “New School” Method for Unlocking Graduate Outcomes’ Insights
Meaghan B. Solomon, Equifax

Telling the Community College Story with Completion Rates from the National Student Clearinghouse
Mr. Jason DeWitt, National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

Tuesday, February 27

Leveraging Achieving the Dream’s Institutional Capacity Assessment Tool for QEP Success      Video      Presentation
Ms. Laurie T. Heacock, Vice President of Data, Technology & Analytics, Achieving the Dream

Federal Grants: Managing the Assessment Workload
Ms. Bonnie Quinn, Central Georgia Technical College

Beyond Compliance: Turning Your Data into Action
Dr. Will Miller, Campus Labs

Assessment of Today’s Community College Outcomes and World Peace
Dr. Lynn Tincher-Ladner, Phi Theta Kappa

Scanning the Postsecondary Education Landscape: Findings from the 2017 SREB Fact Book
Dr. Susan Lounsbury, Southern Regional Education Board

Enrollment Projections: Techniques and Applications
Mr. Vincent Maruggi, Chesapeake College

Conducting an Environmental Scan – Best Practices for Researching your Institution’s Key External (and Internal) Trends
Ms. Christine Teach, Mrs. Elizabeth Hamrick, South Piedmont Community College

Journey through – Outcomes Assessment
Ms. Danielle Coburn, Ms. Amanda Kin, Jefferson State Community College

Benchmarking Community College Costs
Ms. Michelle Taylor, National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute

Time to Revamp Your Course Evaluations: Automation, Real-time Dynamic Data, and Meaningful Reporting
Mr. Felipe Garzon, eXplorance Inc.

Alumni and Labor Market Data: Measuring Outcomes and Identifying Opportunities
Mr. Joshua LaFon, EMSI

Wednesday, February 28

Community Colleges Extend Internationally
Dr. Linda Serra Hagedorn

2016 Conference Presentations

Mastering Qualitative Data: The Process and Tools You Can Use
Barry Nagle, Gates Millennium Foundation

Benchmarking Your Programs Against Your Community College Service Area
Terry McCamish, Accountability Data Analyst, Technical College System of Georgia

Focus on the Five Year Report: Compliance Certification
Gail Hartzog, Dean, Development & Planning, Chipola College, Florida

A Better Way to Measure Student Success
Lou Guthrie, Director, National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute

Early Intervention for Retention: A Systemic Approach
Nimisha Raval, Business Analyst, Technical College System of Georgia

Community College Financial Ratio and Return on Investment Analysis
David Case, Vice President for Institutional Research and Effectiveness, East Central Community College

Blended Learning: The BlendFlex Model
Bonnie P. Quinn, Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Carol Lee, Director of Educational Technology, Central Georgia Technical College

SPIRIT – A Tool for Closing the Loop
Vince Jackson, Director of Institutional Research
Dr. Teresa Allen, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness
Coastal Pines Technical College

Using Clearinghouse Metrics and Data for Academic Success and Progress Reporting
Jason DeWitt, Research Manager, National Student Clearinghouse Research Center


2014 Conference Presentations

Put a Number on It! Compiling Comprehensive, Clear, and Convincing Evidence (Statistics) for 3.3.1 – Institutional Effectiveness
Elizabeth Edwards, Director of Institutional Relations, Itawamba Community College

2009 Conference Presentations

Student Success Agenda: Focusing on What is Important 
Lisa S. Kleiman, Tidewater Community College
Curtis K. Aasen, Tidewater Community College

Using Technology to Document QEP Student Learning Outcomes 
Dana T. Calland, Ed. D, Tidewater Community College
Pam Stafford, Maysville Community and Technical College

What Do you Mean — Financially Stable? 
Lynn Tincher-Ladner, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

General Education Assessment – What’s in your plan? 
Lynn Tincher-Ladner, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College

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