2016 SACCR Annual Conference

September 11— 12, 2016

Embassy Suites Buckhead, Atlanta, GA


Executive Board Meeting                                                    Meeting Space

Registration                                                                                  Atrium

Pre-Conference Session — (Additional Registration)            Room A

Mastering Qualitative Data: The Process and Tools You Can Use”

Barry Nagle — Gates Millennium Foundation

12:00 PM — 1:30 PM

2:00 PM — 2:50 PM

3:00 PM — 3:50 PM

Opening Session and Luncheon with Keynote John S. Hardt, SACSCOC Vice-President

Concurrent Session I

  • “Benchmarking Your Programs Against Your Community College Service Area”

Terry McCamish, Accountability Data Analyst Technical College System of Georgia

  • “Focus on the Five Year Report: Compliance Certification”

Gail Hartzog, Dean, Development & Planning Chipola College, Florida”

5:00 PM — 7:00 PM             Opening Reception                                                                          Atrium

(Casual attire —bar service and hors d’oeuvres)

Registration                                                                                Atrium

General Session                                                                       Room A

Using Clearinghouse Metrics and Data for Academic Success and Progress Reporting

Jason DeWitt, Research Manager

National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

Concurrent Session 3                                                    Rooms A and B

  • “Community College Financial Ratio and  Return on Investment Analysis”

David Case, Vice President for Institutional Research and Effectiveness East Central Community College

  • “Focus on the Five Year Report: QEP Impact Report”

Gail Hartzog, Dean, Development & Planning

Chipola College, Florida

Concurrent Session 4                                                    Rooms A and B

  • “Blended Learning: The BlendFlex Model”

Bonnie P. Quinn, Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Carol Lee, Director of Educational Technology
Central Georgia Technical College

  • “SPIRIT A Tool for Closing the Loop”

Vince Jackson, Director of Institutional Research

Dr. Teresa Allen, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness

Coastal Pines Technical College

12:00 PM — 2:30 PM              Luncheon Speaker and SACCR Business Meeting                   Room A

Door Prizes and Election of Officers

2:30 PM — 4:00 PM                Executive Board Meeting                                               Meeting Space


Sunday, September 11

9:00 AM — 11:30 AM,
Pre-Conference Session — Room A

“Mastering Qualitative Data: The Process and Tools You Can Use” Barry Nagle, Gates Millennium Foundation

As researchers and evaluators, we know that qualitative data can provide rich information on issues such as teacher performance, student satisfaction, and other important areas. Qualitative data analysis, however, can be a daunting task. This workshop will focus on how to approach the data so that you can best develop an understanding on what you are studying. The first workshop phase focuses on how to organize the data to complete the data reduction process. Content Analysis and Thematic Analysis are the two critical skill areas that will be reviewed.

Two commonly tools that can facilitate quantitative data analysis will be demonstrated. Because it is so readily available, the first tool demonstrated is Microsoft Excel. It is a user-friendly program that is sufficient for many small projects. Larger data sets may require more powerful tools. The second tool reviewed will be QDA Miner Lite. This free software provides the user with even greater ability to analyze and summarize data.

Examples on how to effectively present qualitative data results will close the workshop. After completing this workshop, attendees will:

·         Identify a qualitative data analysis approach,

·         Identify how to use Excel and QDA Miner Lite to analyze the data, and

·         Learn of a process to summarize and present qualitative data.


To facilitate learning, please bring your laptop with Microsoft Excel. Also download and install QDA Miner Lite on your computer. Instructions on how to download the software are available here: http://provalisresearch.com/products/qualitative-data-analysis-software/freeware/


12:00 PM— 1:30 PM  Room B

Concurrent Session 12:00 PM — 2:50 PM

Room A

“Benchmarking Your Programs Against Your Community College Service Area”
Terry McCamish

Accountability Data Analyst Technical College System of Georgia
This session will provide a framework for examining programs against the community using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Attendees will gain useful knowledge on how to use the Bureau of Labor Statistics data to boost performance measures for program outcomes.

Room B

“Focus on the Five Year Report: Compliance Certification”
Gail Hartzog
Dean, Development & Planning, Chipola College, Marianna, Florida 

Preparing the Fifth-Year Interim Report can be challenging and stressful. However, good organization and use of helpful resources can simplify the task. This session will provide an overview of the requirements, preparation, and submission of the Compliance Certification. Participants will receive handouts and helpful online resources, including timelines and templates, how to conduct a pre-audit to ensure compliance with principles, organising to ensure timely completion of all parts, and documenting compliance with specific principles.

Concurrent Session 2

3:00 PM — 3:50 PM
Room A

“A Better Way to Measure Student Success”

Lou Guthrie, Director, National Higher Education Benchmarking Institute

Now, when institutions so desperately need to show student success, we are being forced to use one-dimensional graduation rates as the be-all, end-all measure. It is time to look at better ways to convey how effective colleges are at educating their students. This session will propose a simple multi­dimensional way to measure student success. It will illustrate that benchmarlcing is the key to proving how well colleges are accomplishing their educational mission. This session will present a simple method for showing the multi-faceted concept of student success. The technique uses benchmarking data to put success into context and is adaptable to suit any college mission.
Room B

“Early Intervention for Retention: A Systemic Approach”

Nimisha Raval

Business Analyst

Technical College System of Georgia  


5:00 PM — 7:00 PM Opening Reception, (Casual attire — bar service and hors d’oeuvres)

Monday, September 12

General Session — Room A
8:00 AM — 9:50 AM

“Using Clearinghouse Metrics and Data for Academic Success and Progress Reporting”

Jason Dewitt, Research Manager

National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

10:00 AM— 10:50 AM

Concurrent Session 3
Room A

“Community College Financial Ratio and Return on Investment Analysis”
David Case, Vice President Institutional Research and Effectiveness
East Central Community College, Decatur, MS

This session will provide attendees with a summary of best practices in community college financial ratios and return on investment analysis. Attendees will be given examples of high impact financial ratio and ROI analysis that can be used for decision-making using data researchers have on hand, including IPEDS.

Room B

“Focus on the Five Year Report: QEP Impact Report”
Gail Hartzog, Dean, Development & Planning, Chipola College, Marianna, Florida

This session will provide a practical overview of the elements of the QEP Impact Report as part of the Fifth-Year Interim Report. The presenter will provide helpful hints and handouts, examples of actual reports, and tips for preparing and submitting the final document. Discussion will include the major components required in the report, formatting, sample assessments, preparation timelines, and other resources to help institutions prepare the QEP Impact Report.

11:00 AM — 11:50 AM Concurrent Session 4

Room A

“Blended Learning: The BlendFlex Model”

Bonnie P. Quinn, Director of Institutional Effectiveness
Carol Lee, Director of Educational Technology

Central Georgia Technical College, Macon, GA

Central Georgia Technical College implemented the BlendFlex model, blended learning combined with flexible attendance, to provide students the opportunity to obtain instruction anytime, anywhere on most mobile devices, or in the traditional classroom setting. This presentation will discuss the design and deployment of the BlendFlex model, as well as the quantitative and qualitative research conducted with students and faculty. Attendees will learn about the technology necessary for implementing the BlendFlex model, professional development needed, and student support services required. They will also learn about the survey instruments and course information used to collect data on the BlendFlex model.

12:00 PM — 2:30 PM

Room B

“SPIRIT — A Tool for Closing the Loop”

Vince Jackson, Director of Institutional Research

Dr. Teresa Allen, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness

Coastal Pines Technical College, Waycross, GA

Gail Ware, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness

Southeastern Technical College, Vidalia, GA

SACCR Business Meeting Monday, September 12, 2016
Luncheon and SACCR Business Meeting (Door Prizes and Election of Officers)


Call to Order — Liz Edwards, President

Minutes of Last Meeting — Marjorie Kuezi-Nke, Secretary

Treasurer’s Report— Dr. Rosemary Lamb, Treasurer

New Business —

Website —Angela Bryan, Program Chair (Report presented by Liz Edwards)

Conference Location and Time of Year

Embassy Suites — Destin, FL

September 10 & 11 or September 17 & 18

Other possible locations
Other possible timeframes

Nomination of State Coordinators — Gwen Aldridge

Ideas to increase attendance — Liz Edwards and Rosemary Lamb

Officer Nominations — Gwen Aldridge, Board Member

Other new business items

Adjournment — Liz Edwards


2015 SACCR Annual Business Meeting

Destin, FL

September 16, 2015

Officers present:

Gwen P. Aldridge, SACCR Past-President; Debi Garrison Hendershot, SACCR Past-President, Liz Edwards, President, Angela Bryan, President Elect and Program Chair, Rosemary Lamb, Treasurer, Kristi Barnett, Past-Secretary and Member at Large for Memberships

Ms. Edwards called the meeting to order at 9:00. Dr. Aldridge recognized the planning committee for yet another successful SACCR conference.

Kristi Barnett reviewed the minutes of the 2014 Annual Business Meeting. The minutes were unanimously approved by the membership.

In the Treasurer’s review, Ms. Angela Bryan reported the conference would most likely come in at a small loss once all of the expenses were determined. The treasurer’s report was unanimously approved by the membership.

Liz Edwards announced the nominees for open positions on the SACCR Board. A call was made for further nominations in each position. No new nominations for any position were made. The following new officers were elected by unanimous vote. Newly elected SACCR officers for 2014-2015:

Past President Dr. Debi Hendershot ddg@calhoun.edu (Alabama)
President Ms. Liz Edwards etedwards@iccms.edu (Mississippi)
President Elect
and Program Chair
Ms. Angela Bryan abryan@mccb.edu (Mississippi)
Treasurer Dr. Rosemary Lamb rlamb@msdelta.edu (Mississippi)
Secretary Dr. Marjorie Kuezi- mkuezi-nke@tcsg.edu (Georgia)
Board appointed positions:      
Member at Large for Memberships Ms. Kristi Barnett kbarnett@bscc.edu (Alabama)
Member at Large for Best Paper Dr. Joree Jones Joree.jones@cv.edu (Alabama)

A number of raffle items were presented to conference members.

With no further business, Ms. Edwards thanked everyone for coming and adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Kristi Barnett

SACCR Past-Secretary